Horticulturalist - Company Director, Professional Business Manager - Artist - Photographer

Now settled in Dublin, Ireland, Andrew was born and raised in the countryside of Zimbabwe, and has lived in several countries including Ghana, Zambia and the UK. He developed an eye for the original and interesting in his teens, where his thought process was nurtured and encouraged by various mentors. He's further developed this into a stipple style we see developed today. Exploring both art and photography, his work is varied and original, pulling at images that invite the viewer to a story of their own making.

There appear to be few artists patient enough for this art form, however Andrew finds the style therapeutic in a meditative form. Watching the painting develop around a central point of dots surprises even himself on occasion. All Andrews skills are self developed through trial and practice. To some degree Andrew supports the notion of considering himself a Naive artist, but would not argue the definition.

Using a Nikon D4, D7000 and D90 in his recent work, shooting in RAW and JPEG, Andrew considers himself well armed for any event of interest. Most photographs taken are opportunistic and there's a strong leaning to story-lines. This is evident in his efforts to capture degradation and street people. One can only imagine the true story behind each one. Additional training at the Institute of Photography in Dublin helps expand ideas in new directions such as Black & White Filter, Blue Dusk and HDR (High Dynamic Range). Light painting, macro and night photography are also fields of current interest.
Andrew uses Adobe Photoshop Elements 12 where required to manipulate images to a level that satisfies him, as well as Photomax Pro, Helicon Focus and Panorama Pro 5.

A career horticulturalist and farmer since he was 19 years old, Andrew studied agriculture in his early 20's at Lackham College of Agriculture UK for three years and then a full time MBA - Masters in Business Administration at Bath University in 2000 when he was 37. Directing and managing a large horticultural operation, he now has fairly unique weekend access to fruit and country images not available to everyone. Andrew considers art and photography as a useful distraction from long days in business. His busy schedule means that many captured photographic scenes will remain just that, until time allows him to pick up the brushes again. The work / life balance is complete with his camera and drawing pens in one hand and farm in the other. Andrew supports Keelings in it's photo-records and Facebook promotions.

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