My name is Angie Wood and I live and work on a narrowboat on the Oxford Canal.
I've loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember so it was a natural choice for me to study art at college. I completed the London Diploma in Art and Design from 1980 - 1983 at Goldsmiths College.
I went on to pursue a career in graphic design and still work as a designer now on a freelance basis. Painting every day, I'm an animal lover and love to paint peoples' pets to commission. I also enjoy painting floral and still life studies from life and have become a bit of a magpie, collecting vintage vases and fabrics to paint whenever possible. My little boat is becoming full up now, so I'll have to stop!
If you would like to commission an animal or human portrait (or even a flower portrait!), please read the Commissions section on my website and contact me.
me on boat