If you would like to commission me to paint an oil of your dog or any other pet I will need you to send me your favourite photographs. Digital images are best, at the highest resolution possible. Please don't reduce the size for the purpose of emailing. I can also work from prints, as long as they are sharp and clear. Try to take photos that capture your pet's character and personality and also ones that give me an idea of fur and eye colouring.
The painting will probably take about 1-4 months to complete, as my paintings are done in layers and each layer needs to dry before I start the next one. Before I start we can discuss what you want and I can send you a layout so that you can check that it is what you require, and if you like I can send you photos at different stages of the painting as well, to keep you in the loop.
There are a selection of popular portrait sizes shown in the price list below, but if you require a size not shown on the list, this is usually possible.
Please send your digital photos to

8 x 8 inches - £120
8 x 10 inches - £150
10 x 10 inches - £190
10 x 12 inches - £230
12 x 12 inches - £270
12 x 16 inches - £365
16 x 16 inches - £485
14 x 18 inches - £480
16 x 20 inches - £600