Thank you for visiting my webpage! Originally from Trondheim, I now live in Stavanger, Norway working as an Aesthetic Plastic Surgeon in my own practice in Stavanger - Stavanger Plastikkirurgi - website: www.stavangerplastikkirurgi.no. On these pages you will find some of the results of my great passion: bird photography. I hope to convey at least a little bit of this passion on to my images and that you like what you see. And in case you wondered: "fuglebilder" is Norwegian meaning "bird images".

I have in 2011 been the lead author of a teaching book in bird photography: "Flyktige Motiver - kunsten å fotografere fugler" (only in Norwegian and sold out unfortunately).

Please recognize the fact that the quest for obtaining high quality photographs of birds is expensive, strenous and time consuming. Respect therefore the copyright of all images on display.

The images in the various galleries are only samples of an increasing library of high quality images. Please don´t hesitate to contact me with special image requests. Images can be offered through high quality prints delivered to your own doorstep or via email at competitive prices and in selected cases royalty free (e.g. conservational purposes).

For requests for images, please contact me via email through the "email me" button in the main menu, thank you!