Blocked Drain Help and advice form Eddie Simpson founder of Skem Drains, the Drain service solution for Lancashire, Merseyside regions including Wigan, Liverpool and Skelmersdale.

Do not pour fat, oil or anything greasy down your kitchen sink -
this will help avoid fat encrustation which decreases the carrying capacity of the pipes.

Avoid an overuse of washing powder in your washing machine as this may result in blocked drains.

Do not flush improper objects down the toilets which may cause internal blockages -
e.g toilet fresheners, toys etc. and try to keep these items away from the toilet to prevent them accidentally being knocked in.

Lift drain covers regularly to check that drains are flowing freely.

Remove all build up of hair that may get caught in plug-holes.

Regularly clean toilets, baths and sinks with disinfectant.

Do not flush sanitary waste or nappies down the toilet as these may cause drains to become blocked.

Ensure that all guttering and drain grates are free from leaves and garden waste.


Drain Maintenance and help and advice from Eddie Simpson Drains for residence of the Skelmersdale, Wigan, and Liverpool area.

Blocked Drains Top Tips

If you have ever had a blocked drain you will surely remember the disruption and headaches it caused. Unfortunately you just don't know when blocked drains might happen but you are guaranteed that they will cause the maximum disruption and mess possible.