Our aims are to reduce poverty and to encourage self-sufficiency across Uganda, empowering and bringing hope to women and their families by providing goats.

We are steadily opening new centres every few months. Our aim is to start at least five new centres this year, each helping 10 to 20 beneficiaries. For information on our latest opening, see the News page.

If we can start at least 5 to 10 centres every year for the next 10 years, the Project will have literally blanketed Uganda, and the impact will be phenomenal. What a powerful way to transform lives and to show the practical love of Christ.

The first centre that we started in Mbarara with just 6 goats now has a total of over 100 goats and over 54 beneficiaries. In total we now have 8 centers with a total 161 beneficiaries, and we are on course to release at least another 5 beneficiaries before end of the year.

On the site you can view our videos to see how the Project works in practice, browse latest news, read testimonies and our ‘Word of the Month’ and support our project - either through a personal gift or through corporate and church donations.