Hamblin’s work has an ‘almost functional’ quality about it. You could use it, if you could figure out how. Motifs and symbols are evoked, yet emptied out at once. The logic is backwards; part magic, part science, mostly art. The display seems clean, straightforward, but it encourages noise over clarity. Sense jostles with nonsense.

Repetition and seriality define the practice, with multiples seeming to enhance a message, imbuing it with a ritualistic quality, suggesting force, whilst simultaneously eroding its legitimacy, exposing a veiled, failed attempt at transcendence – an obsession.

What’s left after these subtractions are pieces in a state of flux, transitioning towards something greater than their constituent parts, but falling short; a ‘lesser event,’ an act towards becoming.

Close inspection however reveals a meditative sensitivity towards the materials at hand, highlighting a natural elegance, almost as if this were transcendent in itself.

In all, Hamblin’s oeuvre establishes a particular persona, an investigative spirit flitting between disciplines in a search for the sublime; curious yet distracted, hungry; on an eager but infinite road towards the unattainable.

Hamblin cites a range of influences, from artists such as John Latham, Keith Tyson and Theaster Gates, to House music, Sun Ra, multiverse theory and science fiction. He was born in London, UK in 1988, has exhibited internationally and currently lives and works in the UK.



'Lumenal' - Group Exhibition, TAP Gallery, 259 Riley St, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia

'Sum' - Group exhibition (as part of Fringe Arts Bath), 15 New Bond St, Bath, England


'Dispersion' - Group exhibition, Gaffa Creative Precinct, Sydney, Australia


'Liminal' - Group exhibition (as part of Sydney Fringe), UpSpace Gallery, Marrickville, Sydney, Australia

'A Given Structure' - Group exhibition (as part of Fringe Arts Bath), 35-36 Stall Street, Bath, England


'Exit, Strategy' - Solo exhibition at Black Penny, Surry Hills, Sydney, Australia


'Collective Perspectives' - Group exhibition at The Gallery in Redchurch Street, London, England


'Ishihara 14' - Group exhibition at The Queen of Hoxton, London, England

'Chine' - Group exhibition at the Truman Breweries on Brick Lane, London, England

'No Human Carries a Map' - Group exhibition at the Arts University College Bournemouth, England

'stART' - Group exhibition at Whiteley Village Centre, Surrey, England


'Pause' - Group exhibition at the Arts University College Bournemouth, England

'Ishihara' - Group exhibition at Sixty Million Postcards Bournemouth, England

'Cradle' - Group exhibition in Bournemouth gardens, involving artists The Girls


Foundation show at Dunstable College, England


Art exhibition in Dunstable Library, England


Group Exhibition for young artists at Specialist Science and Maths Colleges, Mall Galleries, London, England


2007 – 2010

BA (Hons) Fine Art at The Arts University College at Bournemouth


Foundation in Art and Design at Dunstable College



Best in Show for Dunstable College foundation show


Certificate of Merit for Exceptional Academic Endeavour (presented by artist Mark Titchner) from Manshead School


Certificate of Achievement in Art from Manshead School