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So, what is happening at Keyworth Camera Club at the moment - take a few moments to find out ...

Well, nearly half way through the season already and we are approaching our Christmas "do" this Thursday. We have had a set of stimulating, informative and entertaining evenings so far this year and there is no reason to think that things will do anything other than continue to provide fascinating events ahead. It is becoming clear (to me at least) that there is a theme emerging that suggests photographers of all levels would be best served by concentrating on taking images that they like and not bother to think too much about "how will this be seen by the judges". I was in danger of falling into the trap of trying to seek out and take images that would have "judge appeal" rather than building a portfolio of photos that I would enjoy making and looking at. I use the word "making" intentionally as we have heard two speakers in as many weeks using that expression of making images rather than taking photos. A clear and telling distinction. It might just shape my thinking as I plan to embark on my plans for 2016. Happy Christmas and a healthy new year to you all.


Well we have had a great start to the season with a wide range of presentations that have caught members interest. In October we were treated to a presentation by Graham Dunn, a Sheffield based medic turned pro photographer who shared some of his stunning images of the North Norfolk coast. We were encouraged to shoot landscapes at f16, ISO 200 and shutter speeds as low as 2 minutes - all on a tripod of course! Then last week we listened with interest to the a presentation by Derek Doar, well known in the area for his knowledge of paper and printing techniques who shared some of his research and learnings with us. Tomorrow we look forward to another first class talk by the well known Landscape and architecture photographer, Derek Forss who is making a trip up to the midlands from his home in Surrey. Should be another cracker!

07/10/16 Up and running

Well the new season has arrived and we have enjoyed a great start. First off was a relaxed members evening where we gathered to catch up on the summer season's activities and participate in a Q and A session. Then, the following week we were entertained and amazed by a presentation from local photographer Mike Cowdrey who showed some remarkable composite shots for which he is famed.

Peter Yeo, an old friend of Keyworth Camera Club brought along a wide range of prints that gave plenty of inspiration to us all. The chairman was particularly interested in Peter's shots of the Western Isles of Scotland and especially Skye because that's where David was heading the next day for a holiday.

We decided to try an "instructional evening" where members and prospective members could receive a 45 minute workshop on two of several topics on offer. Feedback suggests that it was a huge success and thanks are due to Howard Fisher, Steve Myall, Trina Fitzallan-Howard and John Fisher who were the main tutors for the evening. This is something we shall definitely repeat.

So yes, we are seeing the fruits of a carefully planned and structured programme put together by Howard. But, above all else what is really pleasing is to see how the more established members are welcoming new and prospective members to the club and sharing expertise and experiences. We remain the club of choice for a friendly welcome and also the chance to develop your skills wherever you sit in the "beginner to pro" scale of photography. Long may it continue!

13/07/2015 A new season approaches

"Tempus fugit". It seems like only yesterday that we packed away our projectors as our 2014/15 season came to an end in May. Yet since them we have not been idly sat by. Our new programme for 2015/16 has been finalised by Howard Fisher and it is is crammed full of a variety of events that will tempt us all back to the Parochial Hall in September.

New for this year are three evening competitions rather than just the one of recent years. We also have 3 critique evenings where local judges will come to offer guidance and evacuee on how we might improve our images. The new programme will also see us entering into "battle" with three other photography clubs over the course of the season. Two are locally based and one is in Gibraltar. Then we have a number of excellent speakers lined up to come and educate and entertain us. Have a look at the Programme page for more details.

Then we have our Exhibition to look forward to in September. We have collated just over 60 prints from members and they will be on display for a week at KeyVI in Keyworth - watch out for more info in the News section.

Last Saturday we had a presence at the Keyworth Show and we were pleased to see a healthy level of interest in the club and we are hoping that many of those who expressed an interest in what we do, find the time to come along to the club at the start of the new season on 10th September.

And if all that wasn't enough we have been able to meet up informally in our "interest groups" looking at Monochrome and Competition matters and also in 2 afternoon "away day" events at Magpie Mines and The East Midlands Aeropark. There are two more such events to take place, one later this week at Heage Mill and then a treasure hunt on 20th August

So, no rest for the hard working committee and a number of volunteers who ensure that the club continues to thrive and grow. Of course, we do not necessarily want or need to be the biggest club in the region .. just the best!