Competition Rules

Keyworth Camera Club Competition Rules:

1. Competition entries may only be submitted by fully paid-up members of Keyworth Camera Club.

2. There shall be three competition rounds with two sections, INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED. Each round will include prints and projected images.

3. The INTERMEDIATE section shall be comprised of 2 categories; prints and projected images.

4. The ADVANCED section shall be comprised of 6 categories; colour prints, monochrome prints, colour projected images, monochrome projected images, nature prints and nature projected images.

5. Entrants in the INTERMEDIATE section shall not hold any photographic distinction or award or have won a first place in the club's annual awards. Any member who has had acceptances in any National or International exhibition or competition is not an Intermediate worker. The Committee may exclude from the Intermediate section any member who, in its opinion, should not be properly placed in this section. Any member joining from another club who has won similar awards at a previous club is not deemed to be an Intermediate worker at Keyworth Camera Club.

6. Any member may enter the ADVANCED section but members qualifying for the Intermediate section are encouraged to enter the INTERMEDIATE section.

7. Definitions of monochrome and nature are as specified by the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain. (see PAGB web site).
Titles of nature entries should be factually recognised descriptions of the subject which can include common, Latin or both common and Latin names. Fancy titles should not be used.

8. A member may submit up to three images in each category. Each entry must be marked with a sequence number, 01,02,03. If more than 80 entries are received in any round the Competition Secretary shall reduce each member's entry starting at 03 and with the category with the highest number of entries.

9. Print entries must bear a title, the entrant's name, either Intermediate or Advanced, and the category of the competition being entered, on the back of the print mount. All print entries must be mounted on mounts at a maximum size of 40 x 50cm. Mounts may be smaller than this but members should bear in mind that entries to N&EMPF and other exhibitions require mounts of 4o x 50cm. Prints may be either window mounted or face mounted.

10. Print entries may be brought to the club on the competition night but titles and categories to be entered MUST be given to the Competition Secretary no later than the club evening prior to the competition.

11. Trade processed prints are allowed.

12. All digital projected entries shall be placed in a folder named 'Author's Name'. The images in the folder in a particular category should be numbered in order of importance with 01 as the most important, in the following naming convention:

01_Image Title_Author's Name_C_2.jpg.

Note that the use of '_' underscore is important to separate the different parts of the filename.
'C' denotes Colour, but could be 'M' for monochrome, 'N' for Nature, 'I' for Intermediate.
2 after 'C' denotes round two so should be 1,2 or 3 relative to the round being entered.

DPI images may be submitted on DVD, CD, Flash-drive or the preferred method is by Dropbox. DVD, CD and Flash-drives will be returned to the entrant after the competition.

DPI images must be sized in landscape to a maximum of 1400 pixels wide x 1050 pixels high, and in portrait format to a maximum of 1050 high. They must be JPEG files, RGB, saved at high quality, and using sRGB colour space.

13. Digital Projected Images MUST be with the Competition Secretary no later than the club evening prior to the competition. No late entries shall be accepted by the Competition Secretary. It is the responsibility of members to ensure they comply with these time limits.

14. The original image of any entry shall be the sole work of the entrant and have been made within five years prior to the competition date. – but images over five years old having been produced (received major updates in a creative way) within five years of the competition are allowed.

15. Any image gaining a first, second or third place in any category shall not be eligible for entry into a subsequent competition.

16. Judges at their discretion may award a first, second and third place together with up to three commendations in each category of each round.

17. Points shall be allocated to each section and category as: first 6 points; second 4 points; third 2 points; commended 1 point. The points from each round shall be totalled to decide the winners of the annual awards.

18. At each round the winners of the categories shall be presented with a certificate indicating their top place.

19. At the Annual General Meeting trophies will be presented together with certificates for the first three places.

20. The Annual trophies are:

The Ken Reffin trophy awarded to the highest aggregate points total
The Mary Hurley trophy awarded to the PDI monochrome competition
The Ken Lewin trophy awarded to the colour print competition
The Bill Lawrenson trophy awarded to the PDI colour competition
The Howard and Jackie Fisher trophy awarded to the monochrome print competition
A trophy awarded to the highest aggregate points total in the Intermediate section
The Martin Withers Memorial trophy awarded to the highest aggregate points total in the Nature competition

23. The responsibility for the organisation, collection of entries and keeping the competition records rests with the Competition Secretary or such person temporarily standing in for the Competition Secretary.

24. Any dispute arising from these rules shall be considered by the Club Committee whose decision shall be binding and all entrants to the Clubs competitions are deemed as accepting these rules.

(AGM 2015)

(April 2015)