This site is more about the photographs than the photographer, however, I always enjoy reading biographical notes on other photographers' websites, so I thought I should add a few notes about me on mine:
I've been keenly interested in railways since I was a very little boy growing up in West Bromwich and I became a trainspotter as soon as I was old enough to know what that was and how to do it.

The Black Country and its surrounding area was full of railway interest and as I grew older I began to travel further afield in pursuit of my hobby. My fascination gradually developed to include all modes of transport and eventually, after several years as a professional musician, which involved much travelling, I began a long career in the transport industry from which I retired in 2009.

From trainspotter through railway enthusiast to transport photographer was an easy and enjoyable path.

I've been taking photographs for over fifty years but began serious photography in the late nineteen seventies. Progressing through print then slide films I now, like so many others, take only digital photographs. These days I use my trusty Pentax K3 with Pentax or Sigma lenses but am also slowly but surely making my way through scanning the thousands of slides in my collection.

My main subject area has always been transport and in particular railways, as you might expect. However, through membership of my local photo club in Newton Abbot and also the Royal Photographic Society, I have sought to broaden my photographic horizons and to improve every aspect of my approach.

I am also a member of several railway societies including the Railway Correspondence and Travel Society, the Inter City Railway Society and the Merseyside Railway Society which I joined in Liverpool over thirty five years ago.